Apr 18, 2022

Love gave his life for us
Replaced us in judgment, in punishment
And declared us free
Gave up his glory so we could become his glory,
A people of his pleasure
Restored us to where we originally belonged, as Sons of God

And waited, oh love waited, to be accepted
Not forcing himself on us
Despite all he gave, his breathe, his Son- This love is kind

Like the prodigal son, the reckless child, we strayed
While we’re still a long way off, he sees us, with compassion, runs to us
Carries us back home on his shoulders,
Leaving the 99 to focus on ME, on YOU
Robes us with his righteousness
Throws a feast fit for a king, confidently declaring
“This son of mine was dead and is alive; he was lost and is found”

And this love keeps us at home
Makes us content there
In this love, we have everything we need’
We give everything we have
This love keeps us, till he meets us
This love, his love is relentless
It lasts forever.